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About Doctor

Dr. Capt Arvind Poswal is widely acclaimed for his contributions to the field of hair transplant, he is the pioneer/inventor of the stitchless FUSE/FUE technique.

Dr. Arvind Poswal: MBBS (AFMC), MHA, PGPD (Johns Hopkins), Dip.Pys, PCTD, PCP, Founder Member, FUE Europe; President, SHTS.

He is also a Member of the American Hair Loss Association, IAHRS, IPHA, SHTS, ESHRS, ISHRS, AHRS, FUE Europe, IFSCC.

Having performed the world’s first body hair to scalp transplant (BHT) in 1999, his research and work have been published in many prestigious medical journals including the Indian Journal of Dermatology and the Indian Journal of Plastic surgery. He is considered a doctor-artist with special interests in treating some of the most difficult cases. Patients come to him from around the world for his skills in BHT “No bald person wants to become half bald. Given a choice, everyone wants a full head of hair”, says Dr. Poswal. He created a historical landmark in 2006 when he performed the world’s first beard hair-to scalp transplant by FUE. This was a crucial step in the advancement of hair transplant surgery as bald persons could now transfer their excess beard and body hair on their previously bald scalp. His surgical skills are highly sought after by doctors worldwide wishing to learn his methods. His patients travel from around the world to get a truly full head of hair.

  • Arvind Poswal has been honoured for his contributions by the President of India as well as the President of Mauritius among numerous other honours.
  • He has been on national and international TV including FOX News and Zee TV etc.
  • He was interviewed on tv along with his patient by Hon’ble Smt Smriti Irani when she hosted the popular tv show “Kuch diil see”.
  • He is the world’s only doctor to have won the award by Hairsite (a USA-based consumer site for hair treatment) for publicly showcasing and documenting the most successful Hair transplants in Delhi results, for 8 years in a row.
  • While his patient list reads like the who’s who of the elite, he is a humble and compassionate person who has helped numerous burn/acid attack victims to regain their hair and confidence.
  • He is respected in the medical community for having treated some of the most hopeless cases including those who had been treated incorrectly by doctors elsewhere.
  • He is an artist to the core and believes that hair transplant is as much an ART as surgery.
  • His special skills at providing youthful hairline and dense results from Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi have endeared him to his patients, who book weeks to months in advance to get treated by him.
  • Having been the inventor of numerous modern surgical techniques and instruments in hair surgery, he is correctly called the father of hair transplant in India.
  • He has a gentle, compassionate nature and in his words, he “tries to help bald men get rid of their baldness in the easiest and most permanent way”.
  • “Unlike other diseases, Baldness is not caused due to the fault of the person. It is a genetic issue but it shapes the personality and life of the person suffering. Hair transplant done with skill and an eye for detail, can help the person lead his life to the fullest once again.”
  • While he is primarily based in Delhi, he is regularly invited by medical universities and international conferences to lecture and teach modern hair transplant techniques invented and freely shared by him.

Dr. Arvind Poswal brings his experience of working on Bollywood actors, to help young men and women get the hairline and hair of their dreams. Inspite of his busy schedule, he makes it a point to talk to each of his patients in detail. “Each person and his aims are unique where hair transplant is considered. Any person going for a hair transplant should get the hairline of his desire. That’s why it is very important for a doctor to spend time listening to what the person coming for treatment wants”, says Dr. Poswal. He devotes his spare time to bringing the latest anti-ageing treatments (of which hair transplant is one) to India. If you wish to talk to Dr. Poswal, you can book a free phone/video consultation today. You will get the best, unbiased advice for all your hair problems. He himself served in the Army Medical Corps as Permanent Commissioned Medical Officer from 1990 to 1996. During this tenure, he was a part of Operation Prahar (anti- terrorism operations in Punjab) in the early 1990’s and later in Counter – insurgency operations in Rajouri on the Indo-Pakistan border (in Kashmir). Over the past, almost 20 years (since 1997), Dr. Arvind Poswal – A hair transplant doctor in Delhi has contributed immensely in the field of hair transplant, whether it is technique, instrumentation or training. A pioneer – He is also the inventor of the stitch-less FUSE technique, Body hair and beard hair-to-scalp transplants that has enabled numerous recent advances in the field of modern hair transplants. A teacher – He is noted and lauded for having shared his knowledge and advances with leading hair transplant doctors worldwide. This has been appreciated by doctors from all parts of the world and from numerous specialties. (click here to view) An Artist – He is recognized as one of the most versatile hair restoration doctors worldwide. His focus on pleasing, amazing hair transplant results has made him popular among patients and his peers alike. An Icon – Dr. Arvind Poswal (and Dr A’s Clinic) has been recognized as “Overall Top Ranked #1 Hair Transplant Clinic in the World” by USA based consumer site for hair loss for 6 years in a row. A pioneer in various aspects of hair restoration, he is the first Hair Transplant doctor from India to be granted membership of the prestigious American Hairloss Association and to be featured on the USA based the bald truth radio, Fox News, etc. He has also trained numerous doctors in the field of hair restoration, some of whom now work in the USA while others work alongside him at his center. Dr. Arvind Poswal has firmly established India’s name as a leading destination for hair restoration By his cutting edge innovations and inventions.

Awards and Recognition

  • Global Indian of the Year Award 2014 Presented to Dr. Arvind Poswal for Outstanding Individual Achievements & Distinguished Services to the Nation by Her Excellency Smt. Pratibha Devi Singh Patil.
  • Life Time Health Achievement Award 2012 by His Excellency H. E. Mr. Waven William High Commissioner of the Republic of Seychelles.
  • Pride of India Leadership Award 2011 by His Excellency Sir Anerood Jugnauth, President of Mauritius.
  • Best Hair Transplant Surgeon 2010 Award in Delhi (Padma Bhushan Shri Kapil Dev).
  • International Gold Star Millennium Award for the Best Hair Transplant Surgeon (by His Excellency Mr. Korn Dabbaransi, formerly. Prime Minister of Thailand).
  • Bharat Gaurav Award 2011 for Outstanding Individual Achievements & Distinguished Services to the Nation (by Hon’ble Dr. J. Geeta Reddy, Commerce, Major Industries and Exports Minister of Govt. of Andhra Pradesh).
  • Indian International Achievers’ Award 2010 -11 for Health Excellence at New Delhi, India.
  • Best Hair Transplant Surgeon 2011 in India by Famous Actor Raza Murad.
  • Indian Icon Award 2011 for Best Hair Transplant Surgeon.
  • Best Hair Transplant Centre in Delhi/NCR by TIME Media Group.
  • League Extra- Ordinaire Award for Best Hair Transplant 2012 Surgeon by famous actor Mukesh Rishi.
  • Hair Site Achievement Award 2015, for World’s no. 1 ranking Hair Transplant Clinic, for 6 consecutive years, for documenting the maximum number of successful hair transplant patient results on USA based hairsite’s hair transplant open competition worldwide.
  • Chief Guest of Honour memento by Dr. James Harris (Texas, USA) 2011 at conference on latest hair transplant methods.
  • His educational articles have been featured in various leading national newspapers and magazines.
  • From time to time, his papers have been published in peer reviewed, indexed medical journals –The prestigious Indian Journal of Dermatology and Indian Journal of Plastic Surgery.