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Fisetin lotion
Fisetin lotion
Fisetin lotion
Fisetin lotion

Fisetin lotion

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Fisetin is a potent, naturally occurring flavone that promotes hair growth as per the latest scientific research.

Fisetin, a senolytic, naturally found in strawberries, apple, persimmon, grape. gets rid of senescent cells. Intradermally, Fisetin raises hTERT (telomerase reverse transcriptase) levels. This pushes the hair from its thin, resting (Telogen) phase to actively growing (Anagen) phase acting on the genetic level in the hair follicular stem cells.

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  1. Fisetin, a senolytic flavonoid, present in strawberries, enhances TERT expression within scalp skin.
  2. Increased TERT expression leads to elongation of telomeres and higher telomere length in the stem cell DNA of hair and skin.
  3. Fisetin contributes to hair growth by revitalizing stem cells.
  4. Fisetin aids in shifting hair follicles from resting telogen phase to active anagen phase.
  5. This transition promotes effective hair growth.
  6. Acting as a senolytic agent, fisetin eliminates senescent cells.
  7. Senescent cell removal rejuvenates young stem cells.
  8. Fisetin brings about renewed vitality and rejuvenation.
  9. Its protects stem cells from oxidative stress & free radical damage
  10. Fisetin acts at a genetic level and helps stop & reverse genetic hairloss
  11. Increases collagen protection

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