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What are the Health Benefits of Fisetin?

What are the Health Benefits of Fisetin?

Age is the predominant risk factor for most chronic illnesses. Chronic diseases affect the quality of our lives and are challenging and costly to treat. To reverse ageing and its adverse impacts, experts suggest taking fisetin.

We typically consume a healthy serving of fruits and vegetables each day as they’re good for the human body. But what makes them suitable for our health? Fruits and vegetables are rich in flavonoids. Flavonoids are bioactive compounds that occur naturally in plant-based foods.

Flavonoids are also present in chocolates and wines. The main objective of these flavonoids is to induce antioxidant activity in your body. It can effectively eliminate toxins and assist in fighting chronic health conditions.

Fisetin is a potent natural antioxidant that’s part of the polyphenol group of plants. Fisetin is abundant in fruits and vegetables like apples, strawberries, persimmon, etc. Fisetine actively removes senescent or rogue cells from the human body. Research studies indicate that fisetin can decrease the markers associated with ageing. Here are the health benefits of fisetin you should know.

Overview of Fisetine and its Benefits

Fisetine is a plant polyphenol and a bioactive flavonoid. This bioactive flavonoid functions in your body by scavenging free radicals and fighting oxidative stress. Oxidative stress refers to the build-up of reactive and inflammatory compounds that damage cells and DNA.

If not prevented and treated, oxidative stress can lead to chronic diseases. Strawberry has the highest amount of fisetin. Nowadays, fisetin is gaining popularity because of its senolytic properties.

A senolytic refers to a class of molecules that can remove dead cells from the human body and promote human health. Fisetine works by decreasing the inflammation levels in the human body. Note that the health benefits of fisetin can be categorised into the following:

  • Fisetine boosts hair health and hair regrowth. Being a senolytic agent, fisetin promotes hair regrowth.
  • When taken orally, fisetin acts as an anti-cancer agent and an antioxidant.

Suitable for Hair Health and Regrowth

Consuming fisetin regularly can induce a shift from telogen to anagen in the hair follicles. It can also induce the proliferation of stem cells into the hair follicles. If you are suffering from hair thinning and alopecia, consuming fisetin will be ideal.

Acts as a Potent Anti-Ageing Agent

Fisetin prevents ageing by decreasing the body’s inflammation levels. Inflammation can cause chronic illnesses. Fisetin is also helpful in preventing oxidative damage that can often lead to premature ageing. Oxidative stress can also cause degenerative illnesses.

Research studies depict that fisetin can also help boost your immune system and increase longevity. Fisetin is a potent anti-ageing substance that can inhibit the action of specific cellular pathways that affect ageing.

Fisetine as a Senolytic Agent

One of the key highlights of fisetin is its activity as a senolytic. Cellular senescence refers to a state of irreversible growth arrest. During senescence, the cells stop dividing and lose their function. But senescent cells don’t completely die or leave the body.

They just lose their ability to divide and function. These senescent cells enter a zombie-like condition that starts affecting the neighbouring cells and tissues. This inflammatory damage inflicted by the senescent cells usually contributes to organ dysfunction. It can also lead to age-related diseases.

When consumed orally, fisetin can be effective in removing these senescent cells from the human body.

Can Fisetine Help to Improve Cognitive Functions in the Human Body?

Fisetin is associated with better brain function. It reduces neuroinflammation and fights oxidative stress in the brain. The brain can also accumulate senescent cells. By consuming fisetin lotion orally, you can boost the function of your health.

Do you know that fisetin can also induce autophagy in our body? Autophagy is our body’s internal recycling program. Consuming fisetin orally can remove old and damaged cells and make way for healthy ones.

Does Fisetin have Potent Anti-Cancer Properties?

Cell-based studies depict that fisetin can decrease growth in cancer cell lines. Researchers believe that fisetin induces apoptosis. Apoptosis refers to programmed cell death in organs like the liver, lungs, prostate, etc. When consumed orally, fisetin can suppress tumour growth. The anti-carcinogenic traits of fisetin can be attributed to its senolytic qualities.

Fisetine is fast gaining attention due to its senolytic properties. If you have age-related illnesses, consuming fisetin orally may be beneficial. With fisetin lotion, you can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disorders, cancers, and hair fall.